Florida Sales Tax

The vast majority of commercial office buildings in the state of Florida overpay Florida state sales tax.
To date, Wolf has recovered over 65 million dollars on behalf of over 500 million square feet of commercial office space.
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VoIP Migration

Are you ready to bring your telecom services to the future?
Our team of telecom experts can effectively ensure seamless migration to VoIP services.
If you are still utilizing hard wire phone service, it is time to consider he advantages of lower cost as well the superior technology of VoIP.
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Landline Expense Optimization

Our diverse team of telecom experts accomplish amazing results in the area of enterprise telecom bill audit and contract negotiations.
We bring over 100 years of combined major league experience to bear on your behalf to optimize your telecom spend.
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Wireless Optimization

Dramatically reducing wireless cost is our expertise.
We will utilize our extensive industry knowledge to deliver the best wireless opportunities available.
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IT Licensing Optimization

Our abilities in the space of identifying what your true spend should be relative to IT Licensing are unparalleled.
This particular area is one of the most complicated and challenging to truly comprehend cost wise.
The Wolf team has repeatedly delivered incredible savings in this space.
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Cloud Optimization

The CLOUD space is one that has experienced major evolution over the past several years.
Our team brings a decade of “CLOUD” experience to the table to ensure our clients receive the best rates and best service available.
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