Jody Cloud

Owner & Founder

Jody Cloud, owner and founder of Wolf Property Services, was born in historical Charleston, South Carolina and later attended Louisiana State University.

Wolf Property Services was founded with the specific purpose of recovering overpaid Florida sales tax.

To date, Wolf has recovered and saved over 100 million dollars on behalf of countless clients relative to Florida state sales tax.

Gaby Arroyave

V/P of Business Development

Gaby Arroyave earned a business degree from the College of Charleston and went on to become proficient in sales and customer support on behalf of Pro-Tech and Lenovo respectively.

Recently promoted to V/P of Business Development, Gaby has been with Wolf for 3 years.

Gaby’s strong background in sales and customer services combined with her incredible work ethic made Gaby a natural fit to spearhead Wolf’s growth.

Alexander Silver

Account & Project Manager

Alexander Silver attended Florida International University, with a degree in accounting + finance and has solid background in commercial real estate accounting.

Alexander leads our accounting and sales tax recovery team and is key asset to project and account management.

A solid and dedicated professional, Rob brings a much appreciated and amazing background combined with great experience to Wolf.

Grace Williams

Marketing & Customer Relations

Grace Williams attended the University of Virginia and has a tremendous background in marketing, communication, and customer relations.

Grace is a major asset in our outreach to companies of all sizes relative to marketing and subsequent relationship development.

She is a dedicated professional who brings a smile to all she interacts with on a daily basis.